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After a good rain do your fields puddle? Does the grass get ripped out because of shallow root systems? You may want to consider aerating. Compaction is one of the biggest problems that sport turf managers face when it comes to maintaining their athletic fields. Aerating pokes holes in the ground surface helping water and air get deeper into the ground. In addition, by helping water drain into the gruond, the root system grows deeper helping your grass stay rooted.

How often should you aerate? Turf experts vary from once a month to twice a year (spring and fall). Basically, the more you do it the better your field will be. It is important to keep in mind that there are many different types of aerating techniques. Since some techniques are more aggressive than others it is important be careful when scheduling around practices and games.

Our different aerating services:
  • Deep tine aeration utilizing solid or coring tines;
  • Traditional core aerification;
  • Deep slicing with the SISIS Maxislit;
  • Deep linear decompaction/aerification with the BLEC Groundbreaker; and
  • Air injection aerification utilizing the SISIS Aer-Aid System.