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As a distributor of DuraEdge materials, we trust these products to meet OUR high standards for YOUR athletic fields EVERY TIME.


Natural Sand Company specializes in the production of top-quality engineered soil products for the athletic field and golf course industries. Using our Engineered Soil Technology (E.S.T.), we manufacture blends that meet strict specifications. Most importantly, we’ve engineered our growing line of mixes to meet the meticulous needs of our customers.

We provide soil solutions to clients at every level of play - from community parks to professional stadiums. We’re ready to assist you with your athletic field and golf course construction, renovation and maintenance needs.

Engineered Soil Technology outperforms other methods because it is based on Soil Science, Not Guesswork. Grant’s E.S.T. Program assesses the current state of the infield, then prescribes specific corrective measures to transform a poor infield into one with the highest performance possible.

DuraEdge Mixes have superior performance results
due to our ability to:

  • Control soil ratios in the blending process, which
    enables customization of mixes

  • Replicate DuraEdge Mixes at multiple locations
    throughout the country

  • Reproduce the same mix from Year to Year –
    Consistency in material


Most infield soils are simply mined from the ground and screened off at a certain size and sold. In other words, it is what it is. But for Natural Sand Company’s infield soils, screening is just the beginning. After harvesting the raw materials for our infield soil products, we mechanically blend the sand and clay together at specific ratios.


  • Blend of 72% Sand; 12% Silt; 16% Clay

  • Lower Silt to Clay Ratio enables a firm playing surface


  • DuraPitchTM Premium Mound Clay is moisture balanced so you’ll never have to prepare the clay before applying it.


  • DuraTraxTM from Natural Sand Co. increases player safety while enhancing the look of your ball field

  • DuraTraxTM provides the following benefits: Facilitates drainage with minimal maintenance, Won’t stain or fade like artificially dyed material, Reduces the migration of material and weeds


FieldSaver™ is designed to combine with existing infield skin material to correct soil imbalances. FieldSaver™ amends your current infield mix to condition, add clay content and bind your existing infield skin - all in one application. The cornerstone of our revolutionary Engineered Soil Technology (E.S.T.) program, FieldSaver™ saves our clients thousands of dollars that would have been spent on “remove and replace” infield solutions. FieldSaver Information Sheet.pdf

  • Savings: Renovating your field with FieldSaver™ saves you the time and costs associated with “remove and replace”

  • Playability: FieldSaver™ binds together so wind and rain won’t affect game day

  • Resilience: Maintenence takes less time because FieldSaver™ bonds together and stays in place

For more information on the above as well as additional products,

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